Atlanta City Council approves partnership for community development loan fund  

Atlanta City Council Approves Legislation Authorizing Agreement for Community Development Loan Fund Program 

ATLANTA — The Atlanta City Council approved legislation Monday authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with Invest Atlanta for a new community development loan fund program to encourage small and micro business development and revitalization in the City (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1623). The agreement will be for three years and $500,000 will be used to fund the initiative. In August, the Council approved a resolution requesting that Invest Atlanta create the program (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-3877).

The Council also approved 19-R-5070, which urges the Georgia General Assembly to support the city of Atlanta’s 2020 legislative package. The legislative package includes:

• Expressing the City’s opposition to any legislation at the state level that seeks to change the ownership, operations and governance of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport;
• Requiring law enforcement agencies authorized to enforce state law within the territorial jurisdiction of a municipality, including the Georgia State Patrol, to file traffic citations written within the territorial jurisdictions of a municipality in the appropriate municipal court;
• Removing the state requirement that a county or municipality must reimburse development impact fees if a developer is given a fee waiver for developing affordable housing; and
• Creating a new homestead exemption for Community Land Trust homeowners.

Other items approved Monday include:

• An ordinance eliminating the 90-day waiting period for newly-hired employees and their dependents to become eligible for group health and dental benefits (Legislative Reference No. 19-O-1615).
• A resolution establishing a Reproductive Justice Commission to provide recommendations related to increasing awareness of ways to access comprehensive reproductive care as well as advancing policies to improve public health outcomes (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-4931).
• A resolution calling a referendum to reimpose a special one percent sales and use tax to fund water and sewer projects and costs, subject to referendum approval. The one percent tax was originally approved by residents as part of a referendum in 2004 (Legislative Reference No. 19-R-5075).

Members of the Council also presented proclamations in recognition of Fraud Awareness Week, the Keep Atlanta Beautiful Commission, Evelyn Hood, and Mark Taylor.

About Atlanta City Council

The Atlanta City Council is the chief policy-making body for the City of Atlanta. It acts by considering and enacting all laws that govern the City. The council also approves the operating and capital budgets for the City as recommended by the mayor, and it continually monitors revenues and expenditures for local government operations. The Atlanta City Council reviews and has final say on many land-use and zoning matters. Major economic development projects for the City also fall under the council’s consideration.



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