Update (November 13, 2019): NFL.com reporter Ian Rapoport confirmed on Wednesday that Jay-Z was integral in getting Colin Kaepernick his latest tryout, which will take place on Saturday, Nov. 16  in Atlanta.

Ian Rapoport


Two notes: 1. Jay-Z, a partner with the NFL on social justice, had some influence here. 2. This is not part of Kaepernick’s settlement, nor did he ask for this in his settlement.

Ian Rapoport


From NFL Now: Breaking down the looming workout for Colin Kaepernick… 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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For some, it was vindication for the mogul after months of withering criticism related to his lucrative deal with the sports league.

Jemele Hill


I know Colin wants to play, but this feels so disingenuous on the NFL’s part. I’ve said this since the first time Donald Trump called him out at a rally: Colin Kaepernick will never play in the NFL again. I hope I’m very wrong about this, but NFL owners are cowardly.

Michael Silver


THREAD: 1) Earlier on @gmfb I broke down the latest on the @Kaepernick7 workout scheduled for Saturday afternoon at the @AtlantaFalcons facility. Here are some important things to know…

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No Filter@ZigWilliams

Let me get this straight… The very same Jay-Z who was slandered by @E_Reid35 & @Kaepernick7, for taking an executive position with the NFL…actually used that very executive position to help Kaepernick in his quest to take a position with the NFL.🤔

Wow…imagine that🤨

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Michael Eric Dyson


OR, this feels like what you’ve been wanting to see: can we really doubt that without JAY-Z’s presence such a workout would be tenable? We know teams can’t be made to hire anyone, but getting this done is huge for the wonderful @Kaepernick7 and a reflection of Jay’s influence.

Etan Thomas@etanthomas36

This feels like if a guy invites an old girlfriend to dinner, gets her hopes up at the possibly of getting back together, but he really just wants to end the relationship on good terms so she tells all her friends that he isn’t the lying, manipulating pig they believe him to be.