Marlon Anderson, an employee with Madison Metropolitan School District for over a decade, was responding to a call at West High School about a disruptive student.

The student was being escorted from the school building by Assistant Principal Jennifer Taracyzk when Anderson approached them.

Anderson said he told the student, “Do not call me that, do not call me n****r.”

Two days after the incident, Anderson said he was called to the principal’s office. He was informed about the school’s zero-tolerance policy for staff members and was later fired.

Black high school security guard fired for using a racial slur — after telling a student to stop calling him the N-word  via @theblaze
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Gloria Reyes, the school board president, said officials will review the no-tolerance policy ruling.

“I think it is an opportunity for the board to review our current policy through a racial equity line, and I think it is a process that we’re going to have to move ourselves through and really lean into this and listen to our students and our community,” Reyes said.

Since the incident, the former security guard has filed a grievance to appeal the decision, seeking reinstatement of his job and back pay, The Cap Times reported.

“We’re fighting this,” Anderson said in an interview with the local newspaper.

He said he was unaware of the school’s zero-tolerance policy which would later lead to him being fired.

“I need the district to answer the question of how can a Black man lose his job for telling a student to not call him the n-word.”