INTERVIEW: Morehouse College President Talks Prioritizing HBCUs and Robert F. Smith’s Historic Donation

SiriusXM Host Joe Madison interviewed Morehouse College President, David A. Thomas following Morehouse’s commencement ceremony where philanthropist Robert F. Smith announced that he would pay the student loans for all graduates of the Class of 2019.

Thomas spoke with Madison about the importance of supporting and prioritizing Historically Black Colleges and Universities and his hope that Smith’s donation would inspire others in the African-American community to make similar donations: “We have people in our community with significant wealth and if we look at how many HBCUs, for example, are struggling, I think you could make a case that our community, those of us with means have not prioritized supporting them because many of them should not be struggling the way that they’re struggling.”

He continued, “I hope that what this catalyzes is, individuals in the African American community with means asking themselves what are the most important institutions in our community and am I doing what I should do to support them? …Bennett College lost their accreditation simply because of their financial balance sheet, not the quality of the education. Their enrollments were actually going up, and that should not be the case.”

The full interview aired this morning on Joe Madison The Black Eagle  (weekdays from 6 am-10 am ET) on SiriusXM Urban View Channel 126.

President David A. Thomas & Joe Madison – HBCUs Need More Support | AUDIO

Joe Madison & Morehouse President David Thomas – Debt-Free Graduates | FULL INTERVIEW

Source: SiriusXM and SiriusXM’s Joe Madison

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