Antonio Brown is Sworn in as District 3 Atlanta City Council Member

Antonio Brown was sworn in Monday as the new District 3 Atlanta City Council member.

“This is a special moment for all of us. It’s not about me and never has been about me. It’s always been about the people,” Brown said after taking the oath of office. “I am thankful to each and everyone of you for believing in me and supporting me through this race.”

Brown will begin serving on the Atlanta City Council’s standing committees tomorrow. Council President Felicia Moore appointed Brown to three committees for 2019: Community Development/Human Services, Public Safety & Legal Administration, and Committee on Council.

Brown’s staff includes: Thad Flowers, chief of staff; Dannie Hughes, director of operations; and Perrin Bostic, constituent services. The District 3 office can be reached at (404) 330-6046.


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