New Poll Highlights Economic and More Need For Election Reform

Georgia Business Leaders Speak Out Against Voter Suppression

A new poll released by Fair Fight highlights the public’s lack of confidence in elections administration in Georgia as well as their demand for elections reforms and support for voting rights.
Business leaders from around Georgia reinforced the need for election integrity:
“A strong economy requires diversity to foster new ideas, strengthen small businesses, and support every family. But as entire communities are left out of the electoral process due to voter suppression, they may no longer want to make Georgia their home,” said Tisha Tallman, former President & CEO of the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “Voter suppression will devastate Georgia’s long-term economic growth while continuing to demoralize entire communities.”
“For Georgia to fulfill its potential as a top place to live and to work, we need leaders who understand the state’s democratic institutions must work for everyone,” said Adam Harrell, cofounder of Nebo Agency. “But when voters – especially voters of color – are disenfranchised, they lose their voice and their ability to advocate for themselves. Now is the time for us to come together to end voter suppression and ensure free and fair elections in Georgia.”
“As companies look to expand and grow in Georgia, they need to have faith that the concerns of their employees and customers will be represented in government,” said real estate developer Andrew Feiler. “Recent polling shows Georgians do not have faith in our election system. And as that faith wanes, so too will the economic power of our state.”
“Election integrity is an economic issue,” said Sylvia Russell, former president of AT&T Georgia. “Real outcomes for businesses, for workers, and for families are decided by elected leaders – and those leaders need to represent everyone they serve. Eligible voters have a fundamental right to have their ballots cast and voices heard.”

  • 78 percent of voters call for expanded voting hours, more weekend hours, and more polling locations.
  • 79 percent of Georgia voters want to reform Georgia’s election system to improve cybersecurity.
  • The majority of Georgians believe in common-sense voting rights reforms, including an end to voter ID.
  • The diverse coalition Abrams built in 2018 was disproportionately affected by suppressive tactics.
  • 44 percent of voters believe people of color and low-income communities had their vote suppressed

See Fair Fight’s full poll here.
In addition, last month’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll found 55 percent of Georgia voters support paper ballots. You can see that poll here.

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