WashPost Poll: Most African-Americans Want Va. Gov. to Stay

Despite the blackface and racial yearbook photo scandal embroiling Gov. Ralph Northam, D-Va., most African-Americans in Virginia do not want to see the governor step down, according to the latest Washington Post-Schar School Poll.
The numbers are split dead even among Virginians at 47 percent apiece for stepping down vs. not stepping down, but there is a wide disagreement among whites and African-Americans, the poll revealed:

  • Whites believed he should step down by a margin of 2 percentage points (48 percent step down vs. 46 percent he should not step down).
  • African-Americans widely favored him staying in office by a 19-point margin (58 percent saying he stay vs. 37 percent he should step down).

“The data here are so at odds with what party leaders have led us to believe — that the governor has no support to govern effectively anymore,” Schar School Dean Mark J. Rozell told the Post.
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