‘We Care Benefit Concert’ with Celebrity DJ Traci Steele Aims to Generate Support for Ailing Federal Employees

The Sunday Foundation, an organization geared towards equipping everyday people with support to pursue their life goals, has organized the We Care Benefit Concert for government employees who have been impacted by the government shutdown. The event, hosted by celebrity DJ Traci Steele, takes place at 7 P.M. on Saturday, February 9th atthe 3D Complex in Lithonia. It will feature a series of performances, celebrity appearances and media personalities.

Families all across the nation, including in the Atlanta metro area, have endured financial hardship as a result of the shutdown, therefore, in the spirit of giving, proceeds from the event will directly benefit government employees.

“When I went to Austin, TX recently for a speaking engagement, I heard stories from several people who had been impacted by the government shutdown. People were complaining about being in line at the airport for five and six hours. TSA workers are working without pay and many are calling off sick. Some people can’t make it to work and their kids can’t go to daycare, so they have to stay home,” said Dr. Renee Sunday, successful local entrepreneur, media figure and founder of the Sunday Foundation.  I have lived in poverty before, so I know what it is like to not have a choice. I have a heart for people who don’t have a choice.”

According to Dr. Sunday, DJ Traci Steele served in the military and was once a TSA worker, so when she heard about the benefit event she was completely on board. Calls with the the President of TSA and the United Way, which is handling distribution of funds for furloughed federal employees, lent their support and the event came to fruition.

Talents such as Grammy award winning recording artist Arthur Roland, gospel singer Shay Samuels, R&B Artist JMeelah Wilson and others will be present. Lithonia Mayor Deborah A. Jackson is also expected to attend.

“We are very excited to give back to the federal workers who are facing hardship at this time,” Dr. Sunday said. “We encourage people to come out and support. This is a free event for the community and we are hoping to raise money for those in need.”

The We Care Benefit Concert will take place at the 3D Complex in 2244 Panola Road, Lithonia, GA 30058.


Info: www.wecarebenefitconcert.org


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