RetailMeNot Details Deals Available to Help Consumers Impacted by the Shutdown

RetailMeNot has dedicated one-stop digital resource compiling the special savings opportunities and deals specifically made available for consumers impacted by the government shutdown. The world’s leading digital savings destination, the savings site is dedicated to helping impacted consumers by deploying our experts to round up the major programs, services and deals to help save on food, prescriptions, household items and more during this difficult time.
There are several easy to take advantage of deals available and officials say more offers will be added as they are announced.
“The government shutdown is affecting 800,000 government employees and countless people who depend on government services and benefits each day, “said Marissa Tarleton, CEO, RetailMeNot. “Saving money is important to everyone, but it’s especially imperative should you not be receiving a paycheck regularly.”


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