Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Appoints Senior Transportation Policy Advisor to Support Transportation Vision

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced the adoption of the Atlanta Transportation Plan (ATP), a once-in-a-generation transportation blueprint to move Atlanta’s growing population moving while prioritizing safety, mobility and affordability across the city. The Atlanta City Council voted to approve the plan, which supports Mayor Bottoms’ One Atlanta vision, promoting equity by reducing transportation barriers to opportunity, connecting communities and providing residents and commuters more transportation options.
“Creating One Atlanta means building the modernized transportation infrastructure needed to expand residents’ access to jobs and opportunity—regardless of their background or zip code,” said Mayor Bottoms. “The Atlanta Transportation Plan will help connect our neighborhoods, expand accessibility, and improve equity in our city.”
The ATP, prepared by the City Planning Department, outlines a vision for a walkable Atlanta by increasing the number of sidewalks, public spaces and safe intersections, and growing the city’s bike lane network. The plan also calls for expanded public transportation options to connect more communities and offer driving alternatives on increasingly congested roads. It also calls for improved crash and congestion data collection and provides a forward-thinking blueprint that utilizes new technologies and active mobility options like bike share.
The Atlanta Regional Commission forecasts that the Metro Atlanta region will grow to 8 million people by the year 2040—adding more than 2.5 million people and 1 million jobs. Recent approvals for transportation funding through Renew Atlanta, TSPLOST, and More MARTA, and the formation of the Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL), all underscore the importance of transportation planning and the availing of resources needed to reset Atlanta’s streets.
To support these accelerating transportation efforts and make the most of Atlanta’s dedicated funding sources and local partnerships, Mayor Bottoms announced the appointment of Jacob Tzegaegbe as the newly created Senior Transportation Policy Advisor. A graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology with both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in civil engineering, Tzegaegbe previously worked for McKinsey & Company as a strategy consultant for public sector, transportation, and logistics organizations around the world. Prior to McKinsey, he researched transportation policy and large-scale urban infrastructure in cities around the world as a Marshall Scholar at University College London. Tzegaegbe will also help support the ongoing feasibility evaluation of a City agency focused on transportation and mobility.
Tzegaegbe joined the Mayor’s Office of Innovation and Performance in April. His role as Senior Transportation Policy Advisor is effective December 4.


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