BlackPAC: "Stacey Abrams is an Extraordinary Leader for These Times"

BlackPAC’s mission is to galvanize the political power of Black voters. Driven by opinion research and in-depth conversations with voters on the doors, BlackPAC is building a base of knowledge on the issues, values, and messages that most effectively motivate Black people to vote. The executive director, Adrianna Shropshire, released the following statement in response to the Georgia governor election outcome and the voter suppression issues therein:
“Stacey Abrams is an extraordinary leader for these times, and one of the most effective and experienced political candidates in our country. Her candidacy inspired countless people to register and exercise their right to vote, many for the first time. But in a country that claims to exemplify democracy to the world, people of color endured voter purging, closed polling stations, hours of waiting, broken voting machines, deceptive poll instructions, and highly questionable clerical errors in their efforts to cast their vote for her. We cannot know how many people were discouraged from voting or registering altogether. But we do know that with a fair election, Stacey Abrams would be the Governor of Georgia today.
Leader Abrams showed extraordinary courage and determination in the face of blatant Republican efforts to suppress the vote and undermine the election. Her campaign team endured unprecedented obstacles and obstruction at every turn and yet fought to insure that every Georgian’s vote was counted. The newly-elected Democratic House must investigate voter suppression — and this election in particular — to hold those who would undermine the rights of voters accountable and put an end to this debasement of American democracy.”
In Georgia, BlackPAC spent $1.6 million to engage Black voters for the Democratic primary and general elections.


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