Kemp to Forgo Second, Final Televised Debate with Abrams

Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp will not appear as scheduled at what would have been the second and final televised debate with opponent Stacey Abrams.
According to the AJC, Kemp’s announcement led to a burst of finger-pointing between his camp and Abrams’. Kemp initially pulled out, but his team said he offered to reschedule “multiple days, times and venues” and that Abrams refused, accusing Kemp of backing out on his commitment and saying that she will find a way to still answer voters’ questions on Sunday at 5 p.m.
Brian Kemp refuses to prioritize Georgia voters, robbing them of their last chance to hear from both gubernatorial candidates ahead of Election Day,” Abrams’ campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo said in a statement.

“It is both unacceptable and unsurprising that Brian Kemp is yet again blaming his failures on someone else and not keeping his promises. This has been a pattern of behavior for him for as long as voters have known him. His list of failures is long and growing, including overseeing massive data breaches that exposed millions of Georgians’ Social Security numbers, defaulting on a half a million-dollar loan he personally guaranteed, and now he is now backing out of his commitment to answer Georgia voters questions’ about the issues they care about most. Georgia voters are ready for authentic, honest leadership, which is why they’re early voting in record numbers for Stacey Abrams.”

Channel 2 Action News Director Misti Turnbull said the station will keep trying to get the candidates to face each other once more before Election Day on Tuesday.
“Our No. 1 concern is giving Georgia voters what was promised, and that is a debate with all the candidates,” Turnbull said. “As in past major elections, we work to bring the candidates together in a debate forum so the viewers and their constituents can hear each candidate’s responses to pressing questions.”


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