‘Backed by ATL’ Doubles Program in 2019, Welcomes New Cohort Of High Growth Companies

Powered by the Metro Atlanta Chamber, Backed by ATL is expanding its program in 2019 by welcoming eight new high growth companies to the initiative, which helps accelerate middle market, scaling tech companies to their full potential by harnessing the region’s innovation ecosystem.
“We recognized middle market, scaling companies over-index on economic impact and have made a commitment to support high growth, tech companies that contribute to the overall health of metro Atlanta’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem,” said Hala Moddelmog, president and CEO of the Metro Atlanta Chamber. “In fact, middle market companies were responsible for more than half of the 51.8 million new jobs created between 2011 to 2017 in the U.S. These next generation companies drive economic development and are crucial in ensuring financial vitality for the region for years to come.”
The new group of companies to join the program include Ally Commerce, First Performance Global, MaxEx, PrimeRevenue, QGenda, Rubicon Global, Skillshot (a subsidiary of Hi-Rez Studios), and Terminus. These eight companies represent some of metro Atlanta’s fastest growing tech companies that provide unique, innovative solutions and align with the region’s strategic industries.
“At Skillshot, we believe esports are the future of entertainment, and Atlanta is the future hub of esports,”said Todd Harris, president of Skillshot. “We’re honored to be chosen by Backed by ATL as their collaborative approach aligns with our vision to grow the overall esports ecosystem and gaming sector in metro Atlanta.”
Backed by ATL will work with each of the eight companies to develop a customized plan based on each company’s individual growth strategies and implement the plan at no cost. Because the plans are customized, there is no set period of time to complete the program. Unlike other programs that focus specifically on enhancing the performance of the CEO, Backed by ATL focuses on growing the business, which in turn leads to economic development for the region. By being part of the Backed by ATL initiative, companies will get access to people and resources that will fuel their growth faster and better than they could on their own.
Backed by ATL launched September 2017 with the first cohort of companies including Nolan Transportation Group, Patientco, Pindrop, SalesLoft, Springbot, TruRating and Urjanet. Over the past year, Backed by ATL has spent more than 500 hours of in-person sessions with these seven companies and has made more than 100 connections for partnerships and customer and service relationships. Since entering the program, these seven high growth companies have expanded in the metro Atlanta region by creating more than 500 direct jobs, 935 indirect/induced jobs and generated $270 million in total economic output.
“Backed by ATL has been a valuable resource for Patientco,” said Bird Blitch, CEO and co-founder of Patientco. “The program has helped us grow in several key areas: recruitment diversity, access to key Atlanta prospects and philanthropic community engagement. We are thankful for all the work the Metro Atlanta Chamber does to promote and grow both Fintech and HealthIT in the city we call home.”
The Backed by ATL Task Force, co-chaired by Genesis Capital CEO Jonathan Goldman and retired Ernst & Young partner Karole Lloyd and comprised of local business leadership and MAC staff, provides overall direction for the program, monitors results and identifies opportunities for improvements over time.


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