Business leaders pen open letter supporting Stacey Abrams

We, the undersigned, are supporting Stacey Abrams for Governor because she is the only pro-growth, pro-business candidate in this race who will focus on building an inclusive economy where every business has the freedom and opportunity to thrive. Unlike her opponent, Stacey Abrams will oppose discriminatory legislation that threatens Georgia’s economic future and puts our pro-business environment at risk.
Stacey Abrams is the only candidate with a strong record on supporting small business. As a State Legislator, Stacey Abrams received an “A” rating from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. She is an entrepreneur who has worked in the private sector helping hundreds of Georgia businesses create and save thousands of jobs. From day one, Stacey Abrams has made her campaign about the issues affecting every Georgian: jobs, education, healthcare, and making Georgia’s economy work for all 159 counties. As Governor, she will be committed to ensuring that Georgia is a great place to live, work, and do business.
Stacey Abrams is the only candidate with the plans to protect Georgia’s business-friendly environment and ensure that we can continue to grow. Georgia’s economic future depends on the ability to attract and retain new business. Stacey Abrams will help Georgia recruit industry leaders like Amazon as well as our thriving film industry, which supports home-grown small businesses. Stacey will expand access to capital for small businesses with a $10 million investment program. Unlike her opponent, Stacey stands with the business community against RFRA, legislation that legalizes discrimination and would specifically hurt the convention business, the tourism business and the film business, all of which are vital to Georgia.
Stacey Abrams is the only candidate who is committed to developing our future workforce. Business growth relies on a strong future workforce, which means Georgia’s next governor must commit to improving our educational system from cradle to career. Stacey Abrams has introduced bold plans for early care and learning, child and adult literacy, K-12, and debt-free higher education. Through smart investments in public schools and job skills training, and new initiatives to increase apprenticeships and access to technical college, we can improve the quality and availability of Georgia’s future workforce.
The business community knows that if Georgia is going to continue to be a top place to move, start, or grow a business, then Georgia needs a governor who understands how to create and save jobs, foster a business-friendly environment, and invest in a community that supports businesses and gives them the freedom and opportunity to thrive.
For the business community, there is only one choice in this election: Stacey Abrams for Governor.
Letter Signees
Sarah Riggs Amico, Executive Chairperson of Jack Cooper
Matt Bronfman, CEO of Jamestown
Kristin Allin, Owner of Proof Bakery
Tony Conway, Owner of Legendary Events
Ryan Wilson, CEO & Co-Founder of The Gathering Spot
Andrew Feiler, President of Metro Developers, Inc.
Mac Holladay, CEO of Market Street Services
Walter Jospin
Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, Partner at Lawrence-Bundy
Charles H. Kuck, Manager Partner at Kuck Baxter Immigration LLC
David Brand, Managing Partner at Market Strategies Group
Sheila Merritt, Corporate Partner Relationship Manager at Atlanta Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
Tammy Williams, Founder and CEO
Mike Walbert
Chaka Zulu, CEO of Culture Republic
Courtney DeDi, Founder and CEO of DiOGi Pet Services & Training
Ann Curry, Chairman and Chief Client Strategist at Coxe Curry
Jeffrey Beckham, Head of Institutional Investment Management
Mike Highland, CEO of JMH Holdings
Lakesia Phelps, Owner
Donald A. Milton III, Founder and CEO of Sky Punch ATL
Suzanne Stroup, CEO
Yaqui Oselen
Mark Wilson, CEO
Vincent Mincey
Lindsey Green Cambardella, CEO
Phyllis Stallman, Founder/Owner
Ingrid Fisher, Owner
Molly McCarthy, Co-founder and CEO of Soda Web Media
Brian Bell, Architect at
Jeff Kole, President of Kole Management Co.
Julia Franks, Founder and CEO of Loose Canon
Chrissy Wise-Cooper, Regional Vice President of Primerica
John Noel, President at Energy + Environment LLC
Colton Griffin, CEO at Flourish Software
Tim Howard, CEO of EPA Security
Jeff Levy, Founder of MVY Consulting
Barbara White, Owner of Sandtown Barber Shop
Jennifer Wheatley Fletcher
Sharif Hassan, Co-Owner of The Spindle
Dan B. Wingate Jr, Owner of The Pullman
Kathryn Finney, COO
Katharine Kelley
Tracy McSwain, Owner of Pit Boss BBQ
Felicia H., Owner of Felicia’s Cake Factory
Daniel Dunlop, President of Dunlop Productions & Event Solutions
Nadine Miller Hunt, Owner of Miller’s Soul Food Restaurant
Sawan P, General Manager
Samuel Torrence, Retired President of Just Born, Inc.
Dexter Sharper, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist
Dr. Cathy L. Cook, CEO of Cook Dental Care
Gordon Hall, Owner of Shabazz Fish and Chicken
Dennis Collard, Attorney at Collard Shockley LLC


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