Stacey Abrams Responds to Report on Veteran Health Care Access

After this weekend’s AJC report on Georgia veterans’ struggles accessing quality, affordable health care, Democratic Gubernatorial Nominee and Former House Democratic Leader Stacey Abrams released the following statement:
We must keep our promises to Georgia’s veterans who have sacrificed so much for us,” said Leader Stacey Abrams. “As governor, I will honor those sacrifices through Medicaid expansion, support for tele-medicine, and an improved mental health care system so that every veteran can access the health care they deserve.”
We must provide adequate health care and support to those who have worked to secure our freedoms,” says Gloria Hamilton, Commander of Women Veterans Organization of the CSRA. “Veterans deserve more than mediocrity, and Stacey Abrams is the only candidate for governor with real solutions to help veterans get the care they need. Under her leadership, veterans will benefit from a health care system that honors our service.”
Stacey Abrams’ comprehensive plan for Georgia’s military and veterans calls for expanding Medicaid to ensure veterans in rural Georgia get access to health care, expanding mental health and substance abuse treatment for veterans, and establishing protections for veterans in poor health. Her plan will also provide the full range of support veterans need to transition smoothly from service to school and career. She has committed to ending veteran homelessness in the state of Georgia during her first term as governor.
For veterans in rural communities, broadband expansion will allow greater access to tele-medicine, including tele-behavioral health. Military families deserve access to mental health services no matter their zip code. As governor, Abrams will expand Medicaid, which will keep rural hospitals open, produce 50,000 jobs, and strengthen our healthcare infrastructure.
Abrams will expand Medicaid, which will greatly increase access to mental health and substance abuse treatment.
Abrams also plans to establish protections for Georgia veterans and military families, and make their needs a priority. She will listen to veterans and service members and propose comprehensive legislation to address the key issues that impact veterans and military families including predatory lending, poverty, poor health, financial education, and economic mobility.
As House Democratic Leader, led the “Promise Kept” initiative in support of veterans and military families. She enacted bipartisan measures to help veterans and military spouses receive temporary occupational licenses and supported expanding access to Medicaid for military families.


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