Darlington Residents Facing Displacement to Hold Rally

Darlington Apartment Complex in Buckhead tenants and community allies will be holding a rally with a stated purpose to shine a light on “inhumane treatment” by the property’s landlord, which purchased the longtime affordable complex in 2017.
According to the Housing Justice League, at the time of the purchase by Varden Capital Properties, tenants were told they would finally receive the renovations which where decades overdue, only to be told in late August 2018 that they would all be forced to vacate the property, indefinitely.
Since the time of the 60-day eviction notice tenants were given in August, the air conditioning has been shut off and there have been four fires inside the complex. “There is no peace for us, days without hot water to bathe, laundry machines that destroy our clothes, and an owner who would allow kids in this building to have to go to sleep in puddles of sweat from no air. This is not fair, this is not right, this is not justice,” says Darlington tenant LeBraunte Frost.
To date, Varden Capital Properties has purchased around 20k units in the south almost all of which are occupied affordable units which are then flipped and redeveloped, displacing current residents.
“For those of us who live in the few affordable housing [units] available in the city, we find ourselves displaced with the race for newer properties and affordable properties renovating to keep up,” says Darlington tenant Raymond Bushby. 
The rally will be held at the Darlington Apartment Complex in Buckhead on Monday, September 17 at 6 p.m.

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