TRAILER: "Man In Focus" Zeroes in on Tensions Between Public Opinion and Justice

Nominated and screened for the 2018 Bronze Lens Festival, Garfield Wang’s “Man In Focus” is a non-commercial short film that intends to raise awareness of the impact public opinions can have on an individual’s life and promote social justice. The film deals with the unjust situation a citizen patrol volunteer is in when he is misunderstood by the public and has to prove his innocence to the authorities.
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On the night of September 10, a citizen patrol volunteer named Aaron found a suspicious backpack by Arlington Church and reported it to Officer Moore. After that, the police defused the explosive backpack and Aaron was interviewed by Clark, the Channel 7 reporter, as a hero on TV. However, due to the history Aaron had with the facility manager of the church, the police decided to investigate him when they had no other clues. The reporters witnessed it as the officers took evidence from Aaron’s house and then began to depict him as a suspect, though he was never charged. Aaron had to prove his innocence while the public opinions were against him.

Gang “Garfield” Wang, is a filmmaker whose works often deal with redemptions and struggles in hopeless situations. He earned a Bachelors’ degree in Finance before going to study at Beijing Film Academy. Afterward, he attended the graduate program in Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. As much as he likes watching fantasy movies, when it comes to filmmaking, he prefers stories about real life and social issues. “One thing that many of my works have in common is, they’re about ordinary people’s lives changed by unusual incidents.”

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