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So what the heck is a reboot? I always used the term when I needed to restart my computer; now I hear it associated with remakes of television shows. The new Roseanne Barr show that was canceled was a reboot. So for the sake of this column let’s call it a do-over or a remake.
Several of my Facebook friends (Crystal Rhae McCormick) feel that Home Economics needs a reboot. Yes it will be updated to include what’s new but this is a much-needed class and of course we will give it a new name. Here are some things that I think should be included: balancing your debit card account (checking account), how to prepare a healthy meal, planning a party or a gathering for more than four people, how to budget your income and saving for the future. Those are just a few things that should be included and there are so many more. These things are life basics.
How about a class called Microwave Cooking? Let’s show the students how to fix a gourmet-baked potato, a baked sweet potato and how to make a bowl of instant oatmeal without it boiling over out of the bowl. A class that I would like to see everyone take is a “dining out” course on what eating utensil you should use when. Often I sit next to someone at a banquet who has no idea where their bread plate is or what fork to use first. Thanks to my friend, Michelle Goodman-Jones, I always remind them BMW – Bread Meal Water. Your bread to your left, meal in the middle and water to the right of your plate. This should be easy for all to remember and I won’t have to tell people to please not eat my bread.
Back in my day Home Economics included a course on sewing. I think this is good idea as well because there are a lot of people calling themselves designers and cannot thread a needle. In my opinion they are not designers, they are stylists, especially if they are buying ready-to wear and putting it in a show and calling it their design.
A few other things I would love to see included in this reboot: what affects your credit score and how your credit score affects your financial life like renting an apartment, buying a house or buying a car. Young people need to understand the importance of a 401K and if your company offers it how much should you contribute. There is so much that can be offered in a life skills class, how to bake a cake, cookies or pies. Most people like to eat so why not learn to cook. I would love to conduct a “dollar store” challenge class. Students would have to purchase everything from a real dollar store where everything is a dollar and make a meal that does not include ramen noodles. I think I will forward this to PPS and maybe we will see an addition to the curriculum.
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