Atlanta Hawks Tip Off Hiring For 900+ Arena Employees With Unique Interview Crawl

Philips Arena Is Staffing Up for Personnel in Guest Services, Security, Food Service and More in Preparation for Opening of the Fully Transformed Venue This Fall
The Atlanta Hawks are looking to staff more than 900 new jobs in preparation for the opening of the transformed Philips Arena upon completion of its $192.5 million renovation.  Part-time supervisory and non-supervisory positions will be available in a number of different areas, including guest services, security, housekeeping, food service, and more.
The massive hiring push will begin by filling approximately 40 Guest Services Captains roles.  In a distinctive process, 150 pre-screened candidates have been invited to a multi-location interview that will include stops at the arena’s interactive preview sales center, the venue’s active construction zone and the Skyview Ferris Wheel. Each stop is designed to educate potential new hires on the extensive changes going on at the 20-year-old building and convey the fun and high-energy atmosphere of the workplace.
“We are determined to make the employee experience at Philips Arena as great as the guest experience,” said David Garcia, Atlanta Hawks Vice President of Guest Experience. “Anyone can say that, but we want show it. This event is the first step in showing candidates how fun, exciting, and rewarding it will be to work at Philips Arena.”
The venue recently announced fan-friendly food pricing, is focused on delivering a world-class guest experience steeped in southern hospitality. These roles represent the ‘front line’ in providing fans with memorable moments at every event.
“Working at Philips Arena is like a family. People are in your corner and people want to help you out,” said Jami Gertz, Hawks owner and actress.  “There’s a real sense of camaraderie among everyone that works here, wanting your co-worker to do well. That’s the familial feeling at the arena.”
Job perks for arena staff include free parking, new break rooms with complimentary beverages and snacks, along with an employee loyalty rewards program.  In addition to working Hawks homes games, they also have a chance to staff some of the hottest tours and live events that visit Atlanta. Shows already slated for the arena include tour stops by Nicki Minaj and Future, Elton John, Drake and Migos, Justin Timberlake, Shawn Mendes, Fleetwood Mac and P!NK.


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