Jerome Bettis encourages a healthier lifestyle, with Stryker

JEROME BETTIS, with “Get on the Bus” winner Chris Crytzer.

Stryker’s Joint Replacement Division launched “Get on the Bus,” with the help of ex-Pittsburgh Steeler and Hall of Famer Jerome “The Bus” Bettis. Stryker is spreading the message about the importance of prioritizing joint health and going to see a doctor to talk about joint pain.
Stryker’s “Get on the Bus” contest encouraged people to share why they or their loved ones need a little extra encouragement to go to the doctor to learn about joint health.
Bettis surprised the first-ever winner of the “Get on the Bus” contest, Chris Crytzer of Coraopolis, who had Bettis showing up to her home in the decked-out Stryker bus. Crytzer and Bettis spent the June 12 afternoon at the doctor’s office, lunch at Jerome Bettis Grille 36 and a stroll around Allegheny Commons Park.
“I know from experience that if you’re dealing with joint pain you might feel anxious about taking that first step to see a doctor,” Bettis said in a news release. “I suffer from knee pain and was avoiding talking about it with my doctor, but through my relationship with Stryker I’ve gotten to know (professional golfer) Fred Funk personally and he was the one who encouraged me to make that move and get a game plan in place with my doctor. I want to help other joint pain sufferers and do what Fred did for me—give them that extra push to see a professional and learn about various treatment options that are available to them.”
GET ON THE BUS—Ex-Pittsburgh Steeler great Jerome Bettis, with Coraopolis resident Chris Crytzer, the winner of the first-ever “Get on the Bus” contest. Bettis is encouraging people to live a healthier lifestyle and visit a doctor about joint health. (Photos by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images)

“I received my Stryker knee replacement in 2009, and it was actually my wife who encouraged me to address my joint pain in the first place,” Funk said in a news release. “The pain was not only affecting my career as a professional golfer, it was also interfering with other aspects of my life such as walking the dog and keeping up with my kids. Since then, I’m back on the course doing what I love. I know that my story is not unlike so many others out there, which is why I’m excited to team up with The Bus.”
Bettis, at his Jerome Bettis Grille 36, spoke with the New Pittsburgh Courier about Steelers-related topics as well. “I knew Big Ben was really special from day one, but this team only has about a two-year window with this explosive offense to win another Super Bowl,” said Bettis. “If Ben stays healthy I believe he will play three more years. Ben is strong and relatively young in football years and I believe he got a lot in him. Why would he retire when he has everything he wants on offense—great receivers, great running back and a great offensive line and an offensive coordinator that he likes. He waited his entire career for this so why would he walk away?”
And what about Le’Veon Bell, who most likely will skip the upcoming preseason and sign his one-year franchise tag just in time for the regular season?
“Le’Veon Bell is critical because of the number of things he is able to do,” Bettis said. “Not only can he line up seven yards deep and run the football, he is a factor back out of the backfield, you can line him up at the line of scrimmage and play him as a wide receiver and he is a very underrated blocker. Bell has not given up a single quarterback sack since he arrived in the NFL. The NFL today is all about mismatches and the running back being able to go out there and create that mismatch gives you an advantage. To replace somebody who can do all these different things will be difficult. So I hope Pittsburgh and Bell can find a financial contract number where both are happy with. It is time to find common ground.”
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