SNL roasts Cavaliers
Donald Glover and the “Saturday Night Live” cast had some biting jokes for LeBron James’ Cavaliers teammates in a sketch that didn’t make the final episode but was later released online.
Saturday Night Live / YouTube
  • LeBron James is leading the Cavaliers in almost every conceivable statistic through the 2018 NBA Playoffs so far.
  • “Saturday Night Live” played on this notion, with host Donald Glover and other members of the cast mocking the relatively simple tasks of “The Other Cavaliers” in a sketch released over the weekend.
  • The night the sketch was released, James hit yet another game-winning buzzer beater for Cleveland, showing it wasn’t all that far off from the truth.

LeBron James is used to carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Thus far in the playoffs, James is leading his team in points, assists, steals, blocks, and minutes played. Kevin Love is the only teammate that leads him in a statistical category, getting 10.5 rebounds a game — James sits at 9.5 per game.
On “Saturday Night Live,” host Donald Glover and the show’s cast had a bit of fun with this one-sided basketball relationship, creating a promo video featuring “The Other Cavaliers” in which they describe their respective roles as teammates of LeBron.
While the sketch was cut for time from the episode on Saturday, it was later released online, and you can watch it below.


“Whatever LeBron needs, we’ll get it done,” the players say with confidence before adding, “as long as what he needs isn’t basketball.”

“I hold LeBron’s third and fourth cell phones,” said one of his spoofed teammates. “I run the pick-and-roll,” added another. “That’s when I pick up LeBron’s laundry and roll it on over to his house.”
“Our point guard is a Roomba,” says another, as the teammates devolve into more absurdity.