“Lunch and Learn” Exposes Morehouse Students to Entertainment and Media Careers

Actor and television personality Terrance J told a group of Morehouse and Spelman students this week that he and others in the entertainment field go about their crafts like lions—constantly seeking opportunities and going after them.
But at the same time, those looking to get into the industry should first obtain all the knowledge that they can, he said.
“Learn as much about the business as possible. Get as much info as possible,” he said during the PR Lunch and Learn “Go Further with Ford: A Communication Expedition” at Morehouse. “I go back to something that Russell Simmons told me in 2006. He said, ‘If you want to make money and figure out how to make money, identify someone who makes money and help them make money.’”
Terrance J was joined by Bossip Editor Janee Bolden, Upscale Senior Editor Satchel Jester, Rolling OutPublisher Munson Steed ’88, and D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.
The group offered advice to students interested in journalism and media careers.
Steed told students that it was important to surround themselves with knowledgeable people and supporters.
“Clearly, have a board of directors in your life,” Steed said. “I want you to have those individuals that you can have as your board and increase your network. Also, make sure you have enough people in this industry that you can look to as a lighthouse. It’s about skillset today.”


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