Chevrolet offers free OnStar Family Link

With nearly 362,000 kids in the U.S. turning 16 in August — a surge this year — Chevrolet knows parents with driving-age children need a little added peace of mind.
Throughout August, Chevrolet is offering customers three months of free OnStar Family Link – allowing parents to stay connected to their teens no matter where their young drivers roam by providing access to teens’ vehicle locations. Parents can also set up email or text alerts to know when a vehicle has arrived and departed a destination or traveled outside a specific area.
“The day your children start driving is a dream come true for them, but it can be a nightmare for a concerned parent,” said Luciana Chamberlain, Family Link product manager for Chevrolet. “OnStar Family Link can help minimize a parent’s anxiety by letting them know when their child has arrived at school, left a friend’s house or traveled outside of their comfort zone.”
Chevrolet owners across the country with a 2012 model year or newer vehicle and an active OnStar subscription can sign up for three months of free OnStar Family Link by visiting After the three-month trial, subscribers can keep OnStar Family Link for $3.99 a month plus tax.
OnStar Family Link is one of several Chevrolet technologies that reduce the concerns moms and dads have when their children get behind the wheel. While OnStar Family Link helps monitor teens’ locations, Chevrolet’s Teen Driver and OnStar Smart Driver services can also help parents manage and mentor driving behaviors.
“Driving on their own was big event in my children’s lives, but that also meant I spent more time thinking about where they were and how they were doing,” said Steve Majoros, director, Chevrolet Marketing. “Chevrolet wants to put parents at ease by offering in-vehicle technology that shares real-time info on where their kids are and how they’re driving, so moms and dads can give feedback that helps their teens become better drivers.”
Available on 10 model-year 2017 Chevrolet vehicles, Teen Driver allows parents to mute the radio when the front-seat occupants are not wearing safety belts, set radio volume limits and speed warnings and limit top speed to 85 mph. Parents can also use the Teen Driver in-vehicle report card to see the distance driven, maximum speed reached, over-speed warnings issued, stability control events, antilock braking events, traction control activations, wide-open throttle events and, if equipped and supported, Forward Collision Alerts, Forward Collision Avoidance Braking events and Tailgating Alerts.
Chevrolet is now one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 115 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year.

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