Black ministers rally on Capitol Hill for fair equitable budget from congress

Photos courtesy: Rev. Steven Martin National Coalition of Churches
Several ministers were arrested in the Russell Rotunda on Capitol Hill Tuesday, including Rev. Raphael Warnock of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church.
The group of clergy members rallied through songs and prayer while demanding fair healthcare for all Americans when they were arrested by U.S. Capitol Police. They were charged with crowding, obstruction and incommoding. Warnock was held about three hours then released around 5 p.m. after paying a fine.

“As a pastor, I believe that the national budget is not just a fiscal document, but a moral document. It reflects what we believe and who we are for one another,” Warnock said. “And if this mean-spirited budget were an EKG, it would indicate that America has a heart condition. The government is taking student aid, job training and medicine from those who need it most in order to give a tax cut to those who need it least. We came to Washington as voices of healing and justice. America is better than this. That’s our message. And when I consider those who will suffer, my getting arrested is a small price to pay.”
The group wants Congress to reject what it calls “the immoral budget proposed by the Trump Administration and the equally unjust health care bill” that the Senate may have a procedural vote on in the coming weeks. A vote initially scheduled for Tuesday was postponed.
Faith leaders planned to address how the proposed budget will negatively impact African-American families and communities, including deep cuts to education, Medicaid, civil rights, community development block grants and housing vouchers. The budget will also likely create an environment for predatory lending to increase.
Some of the clergy assembled following scheduled meetings with lawmakers.


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