14th Annual March on the Moore’s Ford Bridge

49th Anniversary Commemoration of the Assassination of  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
By Bunnie Jackson-Ransom
On Saturday, April 1, the 14th Annual March at the Moore’s Ford Bridge will take place at noon. The public is urged to participate.  The purpose of this march and rally is to demand the arrest and prosecution of the participants involved in the lynching at the Moore’s Ford Bridge in Monroe, GA, Walton County, that took place on July 25, 1946.
The “Rally for Justice” will be held at the First African Baptist Church, 130 Tyler Street, Monroe, GA., at 12:00 noon.  Following the rally, there will be a motorcade to the Moore’s Ford Bridge, departing at 1:00 p.m., and proceeding to the historic memorial marker, on Interstate Highway 78 at Locklin Road, terminating at the Bridge on Mt. Carmel Church Road, also in Monroe, GA.  This is where the commemoration of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will take place, as a reminder of his contributions to the civil rights movement and his dedication to the call of justice. “Before Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, the Moore’s Ford Bridge murders were on his agenda.  Dr. Ralph Abernathy, Hosea Williams and Dan Young, who buried the victims, had many conversations about this.  We must concentrate our collective strength and efforts to correct this atrocity,” said Tyrone Brooks, Chairman of the Moore’s Ford Movement, and the freedom fighter who continues to lead the cause for solving this horrendous case.
The day wraps up with a reception at 5:00 p. m, returning to the First African Baptist Church. This event continues to memorialize Roger and Dorothy Malcom and their unborn infant and George and Mae Murray Dorsey who were murdered at the bridge seventy-one years ago.
Minister Hattie Lawson and Reverend Cee Cee Anderson are coordinators for the Annual March.  “Our job is to reinforce the foot soldiers for the challenges ahead.  “We will continue to fight for justice,” says Minister Lawson, “and to get ready for the Annual Moore’s Ford Bridge Re-enactment that will take place on Saturday, July 22, 2017.”
For more information about the Moore’s Ford Movement and the commemorative events, please telephone Minister Hattie Lawson at 706-207-9010 or visit the Facebook Page   https://www.facebook.com/Moores-Ford-Movement-877977362272681/ .
About the Moore’s Ford Lynching
Two African American couples and an unborn baby were shot more than 60 times and lynched near the Moore’s Ford Bridge, in Walton and Oconee Counties between Monroe and Watkinsville, GA on July 25, 1946.  Roger and his wife Dorothy Dorsey Malcom, who was seven months pregnant, along with George and his wife May Murray Dorsey were massacred by a mob of white men who accosted them as they headed home.  There were approximately 200 people in the lynch mob who watched this egregious act.     


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