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Last week, in the saga of the Black middle class,  the begging question was where are they in Pittsburgh? In a social media exchange, a few stated that there is not a Black middle class neighborhood in Pittsburgh and some even went as far as saying that there is not a Black middle class in Pittsburgh. Well, contrary to what some believe there is a Black middle class in Pittsburgh. They don’t all live in one neighborhood or on one street, they are spread out throughout the city of Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Isn’t that something that we fought so hard for? To be able to live where we want to live, as long as we have the money.

When someone comes to Pittsburgh from out of town, “the code” can be a little hard to crack. First things first, if you are moving here, 99 percent of the time you are moving here as a professional, not to be a greeter at Walmart, so your primary contacts are going to be White. The realtor will steer you to areas that will have the best resale value because you probably will not be making Pittsburgh your home. Here is where groups like the North Hills Ebony Women and BASH (Black Association of South Hills) come in. For years,  they have embraced Blacks that move into predominately White neighborhoods. If one is a member of the Kappas, Ques, Alphas, AKA’s or Deltas, then you have a brotherhood or sisterhood to help you. Perhaps you will even find a church where you will be embraced, and someone will show you the ins and outs of “Black middle class Pittsburgh.”

Where are the Black middle class?… Part 2 …Lifestyles Report was originally published on newpittsburghcourieronline.com

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