Atlanta's Black Yoga – Melanated Chakras: Yoga Conference

On Saturday March 4,  in Atlanta, Georgia, the yoga world will be changed forever as The Melanated Chakras Yoga Conference gears up to serve an exhilarating life-changing experience to the multitudes. All levels are welcomed and encouraged from the first-timers and novices, who may be first getting  introduced to the awesome benefits of yoga, to the yoga enthusiasts who can’t live without their daily dose of invigorating indulgence.
In this beautiful time of self-empowerment, it is imperative to find fun and exciting ways to maintain mental, physical, and spiritual wellness, as striving for maximum health should be the foundation for all of our successes, as it helps in the manifestation of our most loftiest of goals.
“This is a spectacular opportunity to participate in classes with many styles of yoga all in one place. The atmosphere is one where you won’t feel intimidated by what you don’t know, and where one will feel completely comfortable just being among great people who are coming together to have an extraordinary time and learn freely with an open mind. Our expectations are high and the response has been phenomenal! We are really excited about the fact that yoga is spreading like wildfire in the melanated community where chronic disease tends to be so prevalent. And, we are extremely grateful to have some of the best and most dynamic instructors that anyone can ask for. All who attend are truly in for a treat,” affirms Nyemay, who is the mastermind behind this first of it’s kind monumental happening.
The Melanated Chakras Conference allows you to decide on your workshop of choice or attend them all. Learn from  powerful world renowned instructors such as Nzingah Oniwosan, who is a yogi and also a wholistic health counselor, vegan/raw chef, as well as a jewelry maker and visual artist. She has been featured in Essence, the Huffington Post, and NBC. Catch a class with some other amazing yogis such as Jay Atom, who’s power yoga workout assisted in his going from overweight to fit and feeling great. Aba Bailey focuses on the incredible results of restorative yoga, where as Aaliyah Kamala dives deep into proper breathing and meditation. Still there are other equally magnificent options like Nzinga the Queen who emphasizes the balance and peace yoga brings to ones life while Jordan Carter shares yoga techniques that assist in connecting with the flow of life. And as we speak about flow, drink from the fountain of youth with 18 year old Basu Essence , who became the youngest advanced level II Kemetic yoga instructor under the Thef Neteru Sema Paut System and has been professionally into wholistic healing since the age of 12 and a certified yoga instructor since age 15. She loves to see the positive changes people are able to make in their life due to the impact of practicing yoga. And last, but certainly not least, check out Vanya Francis who specializes in prenatal and postnatal yoga for mommies who know the importance of the healthy birth experience.
The Melanated Chakras Conference is your gateway for greatness! There’s clearly something for everyone! For more information or to register, visit or call 917.541.9986

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