Andrew Young presents: 'Think Young': Civil rights and President Trump

The 10th season of the quarterly documentary series “Andrew Young Presents” begins with “Think Young” –  a look back that is actually a look forward.”
Included is rare footage from previous episodes that dramatically illustrates the story of Congressman John Lewis, a Civil Rights icon who in recent weeks has been in a war of words with new president, Donald Trump.
Rep. Lewis, who was savagely beaten and arrested many times during the Civil Rights movement, has been a colleague and close friend of the show’s host, former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young, a lifelong negotiator whose approach has always been aimed at peace.  And after speaking to a group of lawyers at this year’s Martin Luther King Holiday in Nashville, TN, Ambassador Young received an unexpected phone call from President Trump while taping a television interview.
In this riveting documentary special, you’ll see and hear that call and the inside story behind it.  “Think Young” also describes a lifelong philosophy of Ambassador Young that served as his first campaign slogan when running as Georgia’s first African American Congressman in the early 1970s and continues to serve him now, as he prepares to celebrate his 85th birthday — finding himself, as always, calmly seated in the eye of the storm.
Distributed by Sewee Entertainment, “Andrew Young Presents” airs locally in Atlanta on WSB-TV, February 25, 1:00 PM.


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