Civil Rights activist Tyrone Brooks to lecture at Moore’s Ford Bridge

Civil Rights Activist Tyrone Brooks will deliver a lecture for the purpose of engaging and informing young people on the significance of civil and human rights, the importance of the vote, and the need for American Democracy.  This lecture will take place on Friday, January 13, 2017, in Monroe GA, including a visit to the Moore’s Ford Bridge.
The lecture is being offered under the direction of Georgia State University Assistant Professor of African-American Studies and Historian, Dr. Maurice J. Hobson, where Brooks has been lecturing for the past four months to students from Georgia State.  Students from other colleges and universities have also been in attendance at many of the lectures and discussions offered by Brooks, chair of the Moore’s Ford Movement.
Busses will leave Atlanta on Friday, (1/13/2017) at 9:00 am from the APEX Museum (partner of Moore’s Ford Movement 365), 135 Auburn Avenue NE (corner of Auburn and Courtland), Atlanta, GA 30303.
The upcoming lecture is being supported by several local churches and organizations including Greater Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Dr. William Flippin, senior pastor; and First Congregational Church, Dr. Dwight Andrews, senior pastor.  The First African Baptist Church, Monroe, GA; Rev. Edwin Beckles, senior pastor will host the students in Monroe.  Transportation is being provided by United Youth Adult Conference, Michael Langford, president, and SCLC, Charles Steele, president.  On the way to Monroe, there will be a stop in Covington, at the Old Newton County Jail to give students an opportunity to see where Brooks and five other Civil Rights workers were held in solitary confinement for two (2) months for leading marches, boycotts and attacking Jim Crow segregation in 1970.
For more than fifty years, Brooks has been a champion for civil and human rights for all Georgians while he served 35 years in the Georgia State Legislature.  The lynching and murders that took place at the Moore’s Ford Bridge in 1946, have always been at the forefront of his work and, therefore, were chosen as the site for the up-coming lecture.  “Students in his class have been thirsty for this kind of on-site knowledge,” said Dr. Hobson, “and we are pleased that our students are interested in the personal points-of-view that Mr. Brooks can provide at this time in our history.”
Some of the topics of discussion during the lecture will the modern day voting rights movement and suppression; Georgia’s struggle with old south and racist imagery while promoting the new south; the Moore’s Ford Bridge lynching/massacre, and how it helped launch the modern day civil/human rights movement.
An effort is being launched to make sure that students are invited to attend this lecture from other colleges and universities throughout the city.  For more information, please contact First Class, Inc. at (404) 505-8188 or and on Facebook/Moore’s Ford Movement.


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