Funding an extraordinary vision of flight for youth

Consumer Travel Seminars is launching a fundraiser to help kids learn how to fly – both literally and figuratively. From now through January 16th the company is offering its Art of Discount Travel webinar as a fundraiser for Orlando-based Vision of Flight, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Funds will fuel expansion, including the purchase of an instructional aircraft, for a program which has sparked interest nationwide. Founded by veteran pilot Michael McKenzie, Vision of Flight is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) based youth program with an aviation core.

Vision of Flight is “dedicated to providing students, especially those with a keen interest toward aviation/aerospace, with an introduction to myriad available careers.” All of this is done through an engaging program which includes both flight simulation and actual flights.”

But Vision of Flight is fundamentally not just about making pilots and building out the aviation infrastructure. It aims to ignite a passion for knowledge, competence and the discipline required for their attainment. This fire is fueled by new-found purpose. Among its students and graduates, Vision of Flight now has a four-year track record of birthing passion and purpose. While emphatically open to all kids, Vision of Flight also reached out to and enrolls financially disadvantaged children.

PEOPLE magazine was impressed enough to feature Mike McKenzie and Vision of Flight in its March 9, 2016 issue. The resulting explosion of interest demands expansion. But expansion requires capital. Consumer Travel Seminars, a natural enough ally, is offering help.

Consumer Travel Seminars’ Vision of Flight fundraiser special is a 1 ½ hour Air and Lodging version of the Art of Discount Travel webinar. The webinar includes downloadable handouts and detailed illustrations of all cost-cutting strategies presented. Additional single-topic webinars are available on: air travel, accommodations, ground transportation and travel packages (including cruises).  All webinars are recorded and available for purchase now at

Disclaimer The Vision of Flight name and logo are used with the permission of Vision of Flight, Inc. Consumer Travel Seminars and Vision of Flight are separate and legally unrelated organizations. For more information and videos of Vision of Flight, go to

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