Divas and Dolls taps women business leaders to make a difference

tyressa-tyCelebrity host, author, motivational speaker, and commentator Tyressa Ty is the creator and leader of the community initiative Divas and Dolls. Established in 2013, the focus is to collect dolls for young women to provide a sense of upliftment, encouragement, and cheer during the current holiday season, as it aligns with the larger goal of every girl deserving a doll, but they are a doll in their own right. Likewise, with a doll being a young girl’s “first friend”, it takes on an added meaning regarding one’s self-image and self-identity. In her own words, she notes, “Every little girl around the world deserves a doll for Christmas”.
Taking place in multiple cities throughout the United States, it provides a way for the community to “give back” to those in need. Ranging from shelters, children’s hospitals, half-way homes, and other venues, young women are reminded of how beautiful and important they are.
As an added bonus, women who are leaders in their respective fields of business, entrepreneurship, entertainment, and civic engagement are among those located in 7 states and 11 cities. In Atlanta, Mamma Loma Wyatt is lending her assistance on this project. The mother of KeKe Wyatt, this featured personality from Celebrity Mothers of Atlanta is throwing her full support behind this effort.
Others involved in this include April Jones (based in Texas), Paula Hutchinson (based in Baton Rouge LA), Jessica Francis Johnson (based in Baton Rouge, LA), Kenya Mills (based in Texas), Denise Evans-Robinson (based in Los Angeles), Sherie Thomas (based in Baton Rouge, LA), Angela Mealer (based in Jacksonville, FL), Nikki Rich (based in Los Angeles and Chicago), Robin Charles-Living (based in Lafayette, LA), Freje Randall (based in Houston, TX), Tameka Garrett (based in Jackson, MS), and Dr. Trina P (based in Fort Worth, TX), this is a growing initiative preparing to make a large impact.
For a complete listing of all who are participating, along with drop-off points, please make sure to reference the attached flyer. Those who are interested in making an online or general donation are encouraged to reach out to @tyressaty@gmail.com in order to do so prior to the program’s deadline of December 18, 2016; this ensures timely delivery leading up to the Christmas holiday. For additional details about the work of Tyressa Ty, please visit and add her social media platforms. She may be reached on her Facebook page (Celebrity HOST Tyressa), Twitter (@TyressaTy), Instagram (@CelebrityHostTyressaTy), and Periscope (@TyressaTyCelebrityHost).


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