Hundreds of thousands of Georgians stand to gain financial help buying 2017 health coverage

health_care_money_300x225_1.jpgAlready, about 8.8 million Americans, and 427,353 Georgians, who buy health insurance through receive tax credits that help make coverage more affordable. But about 12 million more Americans, including 470,300 Georgians, may also be eligible for help during this Open Enrollment, but not know it. This group includes:
Current consumers: 14,300 Georgia consumers who didn’t get tax credits last year could be eligible for tax credits in 2017, even if their income remains the same, because financial assistance moves along with rates. That’s 24 percent of currently unsubsidized Georgia Marketplace consumers.
Off-Marketplace individual consumers: About 95,000 Georgians who currently pay full price for individual coverage off-Marketplace could be eligible for tax credits if they purchase a 2017 plan through instead.
The remaining uninsured: About 361,000 uninsured Georgians earn incomes indicating they, too, could be eligible for financial assistance. Nationwide, 84 percent of Marketplace-eligible uninsured Americans have incomes suggesting they are tax credit eligible.
 In Georgia, 106,905 people have already signed up for coverage in the first month of Open Enrollment, more than last year at this time. But many more Georgians might benefit from visiting before the December 15th deadline for January 1 coverage and checking out their options for affordable, quality health insurance.
 Affordable by design. The Marketplace’s tax credits are designed to keep pace with premium increases. This means that for many consumers already receiving tax credits, the value of that financial assistance will increase this year to keep pace with the cost of coverage in their area. It also means that more individuals may qualify for tax credits as premiums rise. For people eligible for financial assistance, the ACA specifies the share of income the consumer is expected to contribute toward health coverage. The tax credits make up the difference between that amount and the actual cost of a consumer’s benchmark (second-lowest-cost silver) plan.
For example, in 2017, a 27-year old in Georgia making $25,000 per year will pay $142 per month to purchase the benchmark plan, almost exactly the same as in 2016. That’s because the 27-year old will, on average, get a $131 tax credit – 39 percent higher than in 2016.
Check out your options. The Marketplace is open for business, and HHS is encouraging anyone who might need coverage next year to visit and check out their options before the December 15 deadline for coverage that starts January 1. Millions of Americans could be surprised to find out they’re eligible for financial assistance this year, even if they weren’t last year, giving them affordable, quality options to choose from. Visit to browse and shop for quality, affordable health plans. More than 76 percent of current Georgia Marketplace consumers will find plans for less than $75 per month, and the vast majority can save by coming back to actively shop instead of waiting to be re-enrolled in their current plan.
The state-by-state tables below show the number of consumers nationally who could benefit in 2017 from the financial assistance Marketplace tax credits provide. If these consumers were to take advantage of the help offered on, they could find affordable, quality options.

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