Bow Wow gets dragged on social media, again, because of this

Social media’s favorite whipping boy seems to be a masochist because he apparently enjoys getting pummeled and dragged through cyberspace at regular intervals.
First, he was skinned and tarred when he said he can’t identify with the Black Lives Movement because he is of a mixed race (as if he’s the only one). Then he tried to claim Cleveland the entire Buckeye State (only after the Cavs won the NBA title, I might add) after not mentioning his Ohio¬†hometown since he left it for Atlanta decades ago.
Now, he tried to claim inside status with the Cavs, telling social media that he snuck into Kyrie Irving’s locker to try on his championship ring. And this got him roasted over the hot social media grill.
Take a look at the funniest memes and tweets denouncing Bow Wow, aka Shad Moss, in every way possible, for his continuously lame antics.


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