Georgia's Attorney General fielded over 200 complaints of gas price gouging

gas-leakThe Georgia Attorney General’s Office have fielded over 200 complaints of price gouging at gas stations since the gas leak in Alabama pipeline was first indicated publicly.
Two people filed complaints about a Shell station on Anneewakee Road south of Douglasville.
Customers showed receipts showing that last weekend, the Anneewakee Road gas station south of Douglasville charged as much as $4.69 per gallon for regular unleaded. When the media questioned them about their practices, they were referred to Shell’s lawyer.
According to a spokesman for the attorney general, investigators can subpoena records, and if they find price gouging, they can levy a fine of up to $5,000 per violation, WSB reported.
However, Gov. Nathan Deal said that he believes fuel supplies to return to normal by today at gas pumps.
“The most recent information that I have is that the pipeline that has been diverted around the spillage area should be operating today and by tomorrow,” Governor Nathan Deal said.
Deal said because of the nature of the pipeline (it services a number of states along the east coast) there is a quota that each state can draw from it as things return to normal.
“That quota is going to be in place,” Deal said. “We’re hopeful by the weekend, the supply is going to be back to normal and we will have the full supply that we expected to see.”
The pipe rupture in Alabama has led to massive fuel shortages across Metro Atlanta.
“I feel sure they’re going to investigate all those complaints and if they think that price gouging actually has taken place, I’m sure they’re going to take the appropriate action,” Deal added.

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