Gov. Deal issues executive order prohibiting price gouging during gas crisis


ATLANTA — Unscrupulous gas station owners and managers in Georgia have been accused of raising gas prices to unreasonable levels because of a shortage caused by a fuel pipeline leak in Alabama.

Gov. Nathan Deal is putting a stop to that immediately. Today, he issued an executive order reiterating state law O.C.G.A. § 38-3-51, which prohibits price gouging.

“Due to a leak in a critical fuel pipeline in Alabama, which is currently undergoing repairs, Georgia and other states have experienced interruptions in motor fuel supply,” Deal said.

“There have been recent reports that wholesale and retail gas prices have substantially increased in some markets. In order to remedy this, I’ve issued an executive order reiterating the state law prohibiting price gouging. In addition to this, I’ve sought and received a waiver from the Environmental Protection Agency as well as lifted operating regulations for commercial truck drivers hauling motor fuel.

“I urge the public to maintain regular consumption levels and travel schedules in order to reduce further interruption in fuel supply.”

Click here to read the executive order in its entirety.


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