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It is bad enough for NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick to get buried under an avalanche of outrage for having the audacity to sit during the national anthem and state that it was due to his aversion to saluting something that “oppresses black people” and “people of color.”

But its quite another level of torment to have your own biological mother renounce you before the nation.

Kaepernick’s birth mother, the woman who gave him up for adoption after six weeks and has had little contact with him since, now miraculously has gathered up the motherly moral authority and righteous indignation to join the mad mob saturating the internet with wild racist invective against her “son.”



Despite her damning statements against castaway son, she claims to the public that she still loves her son despite the blowback she has received for denouncing Kaepernick’s actions.



Check out what more Kaepernick’s deadbeat mother has to say:

Russo found it appropriate to retweet a “non-oppressive” black man:

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Here’s what that man had to say, in part:

“Mr. Kaepernick, a biracial young man adopted and raised by white parents, claims America is oppressing blacks at a time when we have a black, biracial president who was twice elected.

We’ve had two black attorneys general and currently have a black secretary of homeland security, along with a black national security advisor.

Here in Dallas our police chief, whom I know, is an outstanding black leader.

The officer in Milwaukee who shot the armed assailant after issuing an order to drop his weapon was black. Is Mr. Kaepernick following suit and cherry-picking what he terms “oppression?”

Now, check out others who blast Kaepernick’s birth mother into oblivion:


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