Many Beats, One Rhythm – 20th Annual Windy City Carnival

Windy City Carnival 20 years in Chicago
Windy City Carnival 20 years in Chicago

Many Beats…One Rhythm Windy City  Carnival

A long standing tradition of Carnival in Chicago has been established for more than 20 years serving as the main celebration of Caribbean and West Indian culture.  Each year  carnival spectators and masqueraders descend upon Chicago, every 3rd Saturday in August. Participants dance, sing, part take in food , drink  and celebrate to their beloved homelands of origin.
This year, Windy City Carnival will take place Saturday, August 20th, on Midway Plaisance, located on the historic Campus of the University of Chicago.
Initiated  in 2013, the Windy City Carnival has continued to draw thousands to the Midway for a colorful and exciting  parade of pageantry and marching bands competition, attracting vendors from across the country.   Artisans bring their wares to market and sell while  chefs come to sell mouthwatering delicacies and beautiful crafts representing various Caribbean and West Indian Nations.
The public comes to enjoy a day in the sun to experience Caribbean fun and enjoy  the very best in Caribbean and West Indian culture .
While August 20th is the main event, Windy City Carnival is a protracted affair, which spans from May to August. This 4 month season includes parties, media events, fitness and culinary classes, and much more. As the fifth largest North American city, with our diverse population, and thriving music and cultural scene, Chicago will soon be one of the premier locations for Carnival revelry.
We hope you join with us as we strive to establish Chicago as the Midwest hub for Carnival celebrations!

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