Burglars rob and set grandmother on fire

Justin Grady, Cortavious Heard, and Shanquavious Cameron. (Meriwether County Sheriff’s Department )
Justin Grady, Cortavious Heard, and Shanquavious Cameron (Meriwether County Sheriff’s Department ). 

MERIWEATHER COUNTY, Ga. – A quartet of criminals have given a new definition to heinous and hideous.
An 83-year-old great-great-grandmother remains in critical condition after five burglars broke into her home, tried to rob her and set her on fire for no reason.
The Meriwether County Sheriff’s Office says three men and a woman forced their way into Dorothy Dow’s home.
“Once they entered the home, one individual entered her bedroom where she was already in bed,” Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith told WGCL-TV.
The crew demanded that the elderly woman give them cash. When she refused, one of the men started beating her with a gun. Another one of the suspects then set her on fire.
The woman managed to put the fire out, despite having several broken bones, and dialed 911.
“With one hand broken and her arm broken in four places, she pulled the top off of the gallon of water, poured it over her head and put out the fire,” Beth Dow, the victim’s daughter-in-law, told WGCL-TV. “She then drug herself into the den on her broken arms to get to her cellphone to call 911. She said, ‘I thought they were going to kill me’. They told her that she was never going to see her sons again.”
“She has individuals that come here and help her during the blueberry harvesting process,” said Sheriff Smith. “We believe through the course of our investigation that it could be people that have been here prior to this attack.”

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