Georgia Military College student is scholarship recipient from Pulitzer Prize winning author

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — 18-year-old Angel Monroy is the first recipient of The Willie Lee & Minnie Tallulah Walker Scholarship Fund.
The scholarship fund was created by Dr. Mamie Walker and is also funded by her sister Alice Walker, who is the Pulitzer Prize winning author best known for the book and movie, The Color Purple. The sisters named the scholarship fund after their parents. Dr. Christopher Lawton and Larry Moore presented the $1500 check to Angel Monroy while he registered for classes at Georgia Military College’s (GMC) Milledgeville Campus. The check will help him cover his tuition and fees.
“It means a lot,” said Angel Monroy, GMC student. “It means that people are willing to help and people are willing to work and give to their community.”
Monroy moved from Mexico with his family to the United States when he was five-years-old. He graduated from Putnam High School this past spring. Monroy has a green card to work in America and now paints houses in Middle Georgia to make a living.
Monroy met Alice Walker in Athens, Georgia last year where the two connected about their experiences growing up in Eatonton, Georgia.
“When they first met, Angel was asking Mrs. Walker what he could do to help bring about change in a place that he loved but also struggled in just like Alice had,” said Dr. Christopher Lawton, Director of Experiential Learning for Putnam County Charter Schools.
“Her response to him was get as much education as you can, go to college, become the man you’re going to become and then come back home and help, do something.” Angel Monroy plans to pursue an education in music and history with hopes of becoming a music and history teacher.

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