Porsha Williams rushed to hospital

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams had to be rushed to the emergency room yesterday after the reality star collapsed without notice or seeming provocation.
According to media reports, the episode popped off in the parking lot of an Atlanta shopping center. Williams reportedly behaved as if she were struggling to breathe and then suddenly collapsed.
Witnesses recognized Williams and immediately sought help. Williams was attended to by emergency personnel before being taken to Piedmont Hospital.
There is no word on what caused the episode, but the word is that she is fine but remains in the hospital for observation.
The media stated that sources close to Williams speculate that she was feeling faint due to the fact that she has not been eating.
Williams has had fainting spells in public before. Just this year, back in the spring, Williams fainted in her first-class seat en route from Miami to Atlanta.
Flight attendants luckily found three doctors among passengers, tmz.com reports, and they helped Williams come to with the aid of sugar pills. Paramedics met the plane on arrival and checked Williams out before declaring that she was OK to continue on with her travels.

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