Malia Obama gets criticized for attending Lollopaloza in Chicago (video)

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Mainstream media minions must have been bored because they took exception and umbrage at first daughter Malia Obama attending Lollopaloza musical festival in Chicago instead of hanging with the parents at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.
In other words, they had a problem with Malia being … well … a teenager, who just wanted to do teenage things.
There is ample video and photos of the soon-to-be college student dancing with friends at the annual musical extravaganza.
The media needs to get over itself and find something else worth criticizing the 18-year-old who harmed no one with her cute, off-key dancing at a concert. Which, is what a lot of teens do.
Check out Malia Obama dancing at concert and visiting with Bryson Tiller backstage:


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