Bow Wow says he doesn't care about civil rights and politics because he's mixed

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During his mindless, idiotic interactions with his “fans” on Twitter, irrelevant rapper Bow Wow gave every and any excuse as to why he doesn’t care about politics and race and why he refuses to get involved in the community — saying it is because he is mixed and not fully black.
Yes, you read that right.
Of course, Shad Moss was not thinking about his “mixed” heritage when he first became a bubble-gum rapper at So So Def. And he didn’t let his mixed race stop him from accepting the temp job at a black television station, BET, for the show “106 & Park.” And he didn’t give a single thought to his heritage when he was making money off of black people, using a music form invented by black people. But when it comes time to give back to the that black community that has given him so much, suddenly he cannot get involved because of the ridiculous notion that he’s mixed.
Never mind that there were many white people joining the #BlackLivesMatter protests and demonstrations┬áto stop police brutality and to save lives like Bow Wow’s. He says he won’t do it because he’s mixed. Bow Wow wants your black money but he doesn’t want to get involved in your black causes. Incredible.
Check out as Bow Wow befouls the airwaves with his sheer, abject ignorance as he interacts with his Twitter followers.
If you have not eaten and can stomach the asinine thoughts about Bow Wow’s “mixed” heritage that exempts him from black causes, then read on:

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