Ted Cruz Says He Still Won’t Endorse Trump After Backlash


When Senator Ted Cruz walked onto the broad stage in Cleveland Wednesday night, he was met with a standing ovation from Republican delegates.

That would soon change as he came to the end of his speech and did not endorse Donald Trump for president.

Instead Cruz chose to say, “Please: don’t stay home in November.” But then he added: “If you love our country, and love your children as much as I know that you do, vote your conscience.”

The audience erupted in boos and Cruz was one of the most talked about speakers on social media.

One thing’s for sure, the Texas senator is not changing his mind, and won’t be voting for Hilary either, accoridng to The Huffington Post.

Thursday morning, Cruz spoke at a breakfast for the Texas delegation at RNC, noting that the Donald’s comments about his father and wife kept him from giving his endorsement.

“You might have a similar view, if someone were attacking your wife,” Cruz told an audience member.

“[I’m not going to] come like a servile puppy dog and say, ‘thank you very much for maligning my wife and maligning my father,’” Cruz added.

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