Black Pastor At RNC Says Trump Will ‘Rebuild Broken Trust’


CLEVELAND, Ohio– Pastor Darrell Scott, who is a friend and supporter of Donald Trump, told the audience Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention that the presidential candidate is a “patriot” who will help American become great again.

“Donald Trump knows that for all of the sharp elbows, and all of the sharp words, and all of the bruised egos, and all of the hurt feelings, the art of the deal is bringing people together, to unify, and to get them from no to yes,” Scott said to applause. “That means problem solving, it means finding common ground, and then moving forward. Donald Trump has done that for himself for 30 years: and he now wants to take that experience to get the best deal for America and the best deal for all Americans.”

Scott went on to say that Trump “will now rebuild the broken trust that now exists between our citizens and our government, which over the last eight years has brought the rhetoric of hope, but the reality of higher minority unemployment, crime, drug use, with more civil unrest and national distress.”

Adding that, the Democratic Party, has “failed both at home and abroad, leaving the country deeper in debt, spiritually empty and more divided than ever before… I truly believe that nothing will prevent Donald Trump from doing everything in his power to create an America and to become a president that everyone can be proud of,” Scott said.

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