Kevin Durant Says Westbrook Isn’t The Reason He Left OKC


Two weeks ago Kevin Durant announced to the world that he was leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to play for the Golden State Warriors.

Since then, many reports have speculated that Durant left the team for a ring or because he wanted to get away from his teammate Russell Westbrook.

In an interview with The Oklahoman, Durant is finally addressing one of those rumors, stating that Westbrook wasn’t the reason he left.

“It’s simple. [Golden State] is where I wanted to play basketball,” Durant told The Oklahoman.

He went on to note that they “had some great years, some great players that came through there,” including two coaches and that the “arena and fans were great.”

“Nothing’s going to change about Thunder basketball – what they stand on, what the organization stands on is not going to change,” Durant added. “That wasn’t built by just me. That was the whole community. That was the whole team. That was the whole organization that built what they have. It’s further than what I did.”

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