George W. Bush’s Chief Speechwriter Calls Melania’s Speech A ‘Staff Failure’

michelle-obama-composite-large-169According to Michael Gerson, George W. Bush’s chief speechwriter, Melania Trump’s speech was a “staff failure and indicates a weak campaign apparatus.”

Gerson’s comments come in the wake of Trump being accused of plagiarizing parts of her convention speech from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech.

When asked what the error made last night says about Donald Trump’s campaign, Gerson noted that it “lacks seriousness and structure, which is also demonstrated by its divisive style, weak ground game and poor fundraising numbers,” according to The Washington Post.

He went on to add that presidential candidates should be inspires by the language of the past and that the themes of American politics are consistent over time. However, “the problem comes in the close and distinctive use of sentences and paragraphs. At this point, inspiration becomes dependence. It generally falls to the speechwriter (or speechwriting staff) in a campaign to guard against this type of unacceptable dependence.”

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