Atlanta news producer fired for vile, violent Facebook rant at #BlackLivesMatter

charles-menefeeATLANTA — A week of nonstop protests against police killings has gotten on some white people’s last nerves and have caused them to crack.

A local news anchor has been terminated for posted vicious, vile and violent statements aimed at the #BlackLivesMatter movement currently sweeping through Atlanta and across the country, according to RadioVTalk

FTVLive earlier today posted three Facebook rants by an Emmy-winning CBS46 photographer and producer Charles Beau Menefee that saw him completely denounce the Black Lives Matter movement and describing the members “unevolved, uncivilized turds.” He also posted his thoughts about whether or not the protesters could be cornered and bombed off the face of the planet.

In actuality, Menefee has twice wished death upon members of the movement.

Obviously, Menefee has not been paying attention even though he was a producer in a newsroom, which is just as scary as his dastardly diatribe against blacks. More than 40 percent of the protesters and demonstrators have been of the Caucasian persuasion, based upon this writer’s observations and estimation.

Mark Pimental, general manager at CBS46, announced Menefee announced his dismissal to the newsroom, replete with his photo.

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