Q and A: International DJ and Producer Ron Trent

International House DJ--Ron Trent
International House DJ–Ron Trent

Chicago’s own, Ron Trent is an international DJ phenomena traveling around the world–laying his fingerprints on the global House music scene. He is gearing up for one of the highlights of the summer; the 13th Annual Silver Room Sound System Block Party. The event is not your regular block party–it’s a labour of love that has built over the years bringing various elements of culture –fashion, art, music and design.

The Chicago Defender delves inside the mind of the South Side native and briefly discuss the method of his influence as a DJ influencer.

Hometown: Chicago

High School: Luther South-Hyde Park Career Academy 

Current Chicago Neighborhood: South Shore

CD: First record ever purchased?

RT: With my own money…Herb AlbertBeyond”.

Most memorable song that would describe your childhood, professional and personal life? All in that order. Feel free to explain:)

Childhood: BT Express “Do It Till Your Are Satisfied” was a family and childhood favorite.

Professional: Ron Trent “Altered States” turning point in my production career.

Personal: Prince “Pop Life” All time favorite from a genius and inspiration of mine. Also reminds me of a fresher time in our history.

CD: At what age did you fall in love with DJing?

Nine yrs. old

CD: What was your first successful party like? How did you know you killed it?

RT: I have been playing for a long time now. Each party I’ve done was an experience that lead to the next one. Each experience opens you up to a new level of skill especially back when I began. Getting in front of people and expressing your self can be nerve wrecking.

Back in the day, the audience was quite educated about music they listened to and you had to know what you were doing. Most of us spent all of our time practicing before we got enough courage to play in front of anyone. So if you survived one party then that experience may carry you to the next.

1000’s of parties later… I’m still sought after for playing music, now for 29 years professionally and 23 of those years internationally.

CD: When you travel beyond the country to play in other countries, what are the top 5 songs you always rock in your set that remind you of home?

RT: I normally don’t play the same thing over and over again but when I do play these selections it reminds me of the essence of Chicago.

  1. Chicago “Street Player”
  2. Jamie Principal “Your Love”
  3. Frankie Knuckles “Whistle Song”
  4. Klein MBO “MBO Theme”
  5. Derrick May “Strings of Life”

CD: If your closest friend could describe Ron Trent in one word–what would they say?

RT: Revolutionary

CD: You have been a consistent fixture of the Silver Room Sound System Block Party since the beginning. What sets this one apart from other parties you DJ at year round?

RT: The Silver Room Block Party is home. As co-founder, I feel it’s the one thing I co-curate on a large scale that represents the true core of the city’s essence. A combination of history and soulfulness has made its mark here in Chicago. Our cultural brand of dancing and revival is what has made us a special commodity around the world. So when I play, I am playing at home with my people.

Ron Trent (twitter) @DJRONTRENT (facebook) @musicandpower

For more information on the 13th Annual Silver Room Sound System Block Party: www.silverroomblockparty.com

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