Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd announced increased funding for Ft. McPherson redevelopment


ATLANTA – Atlanta City Councilmember Joyce Sheperd announced the allocation of $750,000 for technical assistance in the redevelopment of Ft. McPherson and an additional $325,000 to help in the city’s code enforcement efforts.

The funds will be made available in the city of Atlanta’s FY 2017 budget which was approved Monday, June 20th.

The $750,000 Funding is a result of a ULI technical assistance panel study focused on the 145 acres and ARC Livable Centers Initiative Study that was just completed for the larger Oakland City/ Fort McPherson area. Both of those exercises involved a significant amount of community input and were informed by market data.

Significant technical development expertise is needed to support attracting redevelopment that isn’t substantially represented on the McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Board, and current funding is stretched with the carrying costs of maintaining the base.

Sheperd said there are many assets in place that create great opportunities (for example, two MARTA Stations, proximity to Beltline, continued economic development conversations with Mr. Perry).  The technical expertise will guide the City of Atlanta to take maximum advantage and put this property to its highest and most productive use for the benefit of the surrounding communities, job creation, economic development and City of Atlanta tax rolls.

Councilmember Sheperd, who is also Chair of the Code Enforcement Commission, secured an additional $325,000 funding for Code Enforcement.

This funding will assist the Atlanta Police Department to significantly increase staffing within the Code Enforcement Division.  This is in addition to $4,200,000 for Code Enforcement for FY17.

The plan will deliver the following resources:

o   Eight (8) additional researcher positions

o   A new operations manager

o   A new customer service/ communications specialist

The new positions will also deliver the following benefits:

o   Free up inspectors’ time to pursue proactive housing code enforcement

o   Improve title research capabilities and shorten time resolve cases

o   Overall coordination of back-office work flows, service level agreements (SLAs) and implementation of operational and financial strategies

o   Increase reporting to internal and external stakeholders regarding case status and overall activity levels

o   Enhanced liaison with key partners including City Council, City Departments, Fulton County and other partner organizations

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