ESPN's Stephen A. Smith blasted for saying Ayesha Curry should be quiet, like Lebron's wife

ESPN’s bombastic talk show host Stephen A. Smith, who spits multi-syllabic adjectives like a machine gun, is being buried under an avalanche of criticism from Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha, and a large part of the Twitter world, because he suggested that Mrs. Curry should be less conspicuous and more quiet in public like LeBron James’ wife, Savannah.
First, it was Ayesha Curry who peeled Smith’s wig back even further than it already is when she fired back at him for making the following statement on the popular “First Take”:

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In response to that tongue lashing, Ayesha Curry came at Smith like this:

The rest of Twitter followed her lead and sliced Smith’s backside for suggesting or insinuating that Ayesha Curry be quiet like Lebron James’ wife, Savannah, who hardly ever brings attention to herself, without allegedly taking into account that it may be just Savannah James’ personality to be more reserved.
There was a pocket of  women and men on Twitter, however, who understood what Smith was really trying to say and totally agreed with his stance that Ayesha Curry is either talking too much on Twitter or making her husband Steph look bad, or both. Take a look at the diverse opinions below:



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